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Switching On Invader Network.


Year of production: 2015

Running Time: 3:36 min


The video is a tool of visualising the attempt of trying to remember a memory I don’t have - My screen constructs the memories. I have built the work to portray disruption, blockage, corruption and exile. Creating a barricade of information, as though the video is broken, similar to the Cypriot crisis and how the island and my family are fragmented. The video is based on a story of turning on the TV to be reminded of the memory the cartoons bring, corresponding with the political memories they trigger.


Remembering Session A.


Year of production: 2015

Running Time: 2:15 min


Remembering Session A. is a short video created to convey the message of fragmented memory and loss towards the illegal invasion of Cyprus. I combine the personal attributes of family and home in contrast to news footage and archive of the illegally invaded land. Tracing back the memory route of political pain toward a home of the dispossessed. The video is created on behalf of the refugee voices, but also to audiences of digital operation, which works by bringing bodies of material into a melodious rhythm of disjointed collage.

Route 74.


Year of Production: 2014
Running Time: 3:14 min


Route 74. is a collage of personal hand held footage of a moment at the beach combined with footage of a journey through a moving car. The video was created to convey a moment of time, from past to present. The journey from 1974 to 2014, acts as a form of trying to remember an event with it's relation to the present memory.





Year of Production: 2014

Running Time: 3:06 min


Crossing is a play on words from the literal shape of the video piece, with it's actual meaning of crossing a poltical border. An overlay of footage through a moving car documents the forbidden territories in a painterly and romantic way.

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